For 50 years now, VCBO Architecture has delivered iconic architecture with a focus on impeccable design, innovative thinking, and unparalleled client service. Today, we actively contribute to the built environment through the design of diverse projects across the country and around the globe.

Original Founders — Steve Crane, Sean Onyon, Niels Valentiner, and Peter Brunjes

History & Culture

Located in Salt Lake City and St. George Utah, our office buildings are symbols of our deep connection to our community, the Western United States, and creative thinking. Our Salt Lake City office building originally served as a stable of strong and reliable workhorses. Now, it houses an assembly of diverse talent, drawn from near and far to work together to influence and shape our communities for good.

The big yellow-gold lettering on our walls signifies our willingness to be bold, stand out, and make a statement. Our buildings back this claim with full force. But above all, our people— and commitment to people— make working with VCBO a standout experience. We strive to cultivate a culture where passion and curiosity can thrive.

Through physical structures, we evoke our passion for bridging timeless significance with progressive learning, classical thought with contemporary, and elegance with restraint, all while displaying our distinct ability to innovate and problem-solve.

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View our team

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Social Responsibility

VCBO cares deeply about social responsibility, and we are honored to partner with CHOICE Humanitarian to make a global difference. Whether it’s donations or expeditions, our team is dedicated to helping both local and international rural communities chart a path from poverty to peace and prosperity.

From celebrating Earth Day by beautifying local gardens, to participating in Boys & Girls Club events, you’ll frequently see VCBO out volunteering in the local community.

About 2.8% of the electricity generated in the U.S. is powered by solar energy

Commitment to Sustainability

VCBO is dedicated to best environmental practices. We bring a strong understanding of sustainable resources, guidelines, and rating systems to each project, as well as a wealth of experience in finding ecological solutions.

Beyond our dedication to driving down energy use, energy costs, and the associated environmental impacts, we also understand the long-term value of architecture. We know our buildings have the potential to dramatically influence the people who live in them, work in them, and experience them, as well as the communities they serve. Because of this, we sit down with each client to determine the right sustainable strategies for each individual project.

VCBO has recently signed the AIA 2030 Commitment, a collaborative effort pushing the building industry toward carbon neutrality through improvements in the design process, the integration of efficient and holistic systems, and ongoing monitoring and performance verification. By signing this commitment, we acknowledge our role in shaping the future of the built environment and seek to continuously strive for improvement while supporting environmental stewardship.