The City Library

Salt Lake City Corporation   Salt Lake City, UT

project size

240,000 sf


project contact

Nathan Leavitt, AIA


partner architect

Moshe Safdle & Associates






The Salt Lake City Main Public Library features a triangular main building, an adjacent administration building, a glass-enclosed Urban Room and an exterior public piazza. A curving, climbable wall weaves the site together and contains shops and food establishments as well as steps that ascend to a rooftop garden. The glass-enclosed Urban Room and piazza flow together, uniting interior and exterior spaces.  The Urban Room is a space for all seasons, generously endowed with daylight, open to significant views and, since it extends the full height of the building, a pivotal point of visual orientation. Multi-level reading areas along the transparent southern façade of the building look out onto the piazza, the city and the Wasatch Mountains beyond. At night the glass façade, lit from within, appears in the crescent-shaped reflecting pool, extending into the outdoor space.