Steve Crane

Peter Brunjes

Sean Onyon

Boyd McAllister

Steve Crane, FAIA, REFP

Principal Emeritus | Religious & Office

Steve Crane, FAIA, REFP, (retired) has provided professional architectural design and planning services for over three decades. Steve holds a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Utah, where as an adjunct professor he taught Design and Architectural Professional Practice for eleven years.

Currently Steve is a managing partner (and founding principal) of CREATE-USVI, a multi-discipline firm located in the U.S. Virgin Islands, specializing in Architectural Design, Project Management and Facility Programming. Recent projects include custom homes, restaurants and multi-housing facilities. Currently, CREATE-USVI is developing programming and architectural services for unique designs utilizing shipping containers.

Steve’s 40+ years of experience is varied and broad-based. The diversity of his designs makes each project client-centered and program-driven. Whether a private residence, a half-million square foot manufacturing facility or a 2400 student high school, each project is uniquely designed with the same passion and commitment to having the built environment reflect a positive impact on everyday life. This eclectic experience provides new and exciting solutions to each project.

Peter Brunjes, AIA, LEED AP

Principal Emeritus | K–12

Peter is an award winning architect with more than 34 years of experience. He has designed numerous hospitals and clinics for a variety of health care services and providers over the course of his career. He is the managing principal at VCBO for healthcare and is intimately involved in all aspects of each project. His leadership guides teams to achieve excellence to the complete satisfaction of each client, and results in final facilities that mirror the vision of the owner and serve the needs of those who will use the building. His designs are recognized for creating an impact beyond their setting, for their freshness, functional appropriateness, and for their lasting beauty. Peter has embraced the LEAN process as it relates to healthcare and has participated in LEAN design activities for healthcare clients. He continues to widen his knowledge of healthcare issues and participates in constant training and ongoing learning activities.

Sean Onyon, AIA

Principal Emeritus | K–12

Sean’s rich professional background is enhanced by an innovative, in-depth understanding of the various facets contributing to outstanding architectural design. As a VCBO principal, Sean possesses the dexterity ​required​ to lead​ ​vital coordination efforts​ ​while​ ​directing​​ ​team​ ​initiatives​​ ​through the life of diverse project types (e.g.,​ ​industrial / high-​technology, commercial / retail, office, corporate and interior). The 100+ buildings successfully completed​ ​throughout​ ​Sean’s career are attributed, in part,​ ​to his remarkable people skills​,​ paired with an emphasis on​ ​cultivating lasting​ ​partnerships. As a result, owners are ​beyond pleased with Sean’s work, which is known​ ​industry-wide​ ​to be delivered on-time and within budget. Sean is able to ensure ongoing client satisfaction through continuing to implement his positive management style, unrivaled client focus and close attention to detail—from start to finish.

Boyd McAllister, AIA

Principal Emeritus | Higher Education

Boyd began designing school buildings in 1976. After brief excursions in retail, recreation and office design, Boyd realized his passion for education facilities architecture could no longer be denied. Since then, Boyd devoted his career to this important genre, leveraging his extensive experience in master planning, programming and design within the field. Ranging from early childhood education centers to primary, secondary and adult education facilities, Boyd’s past projects have won multiple local, regional and national awards, including the prestigious James D. MacConnell Award for West Point Junior High School.