Provo Power Campus

Provo City   Provo, UT

project size

52,143 sf

project contact

Brent Tippets, AIA




The new Provo Power campus is a groundbreaking facility for the City and the Power Division. Located on the same site as the existing Power offices, generation facility and sub-station, the new Provo Power building has helped define both the skyline and the streetscape of Downtown Provo.

The building is arranged to maximize the efficiency of the operations within the Division. The main administrative areas house the Transmission and Distribution, Engineering and GIS, Substation and Metering and Administrative departments on the north side of the building. Each of these departments has been located with optimal adjacency to both one another as well as shops, the warehouse and truck bay areas.  

The building interior is open, inviting and collaborative. Special attention has been paid to ensuring that staff work stations both meet the ongoing needs of the position while encouraging interaction and collaboration within the departments. Open work stations with access to private telephone rooms and ample collaboration and meeting spaces have been integrated into the building design. Although there was a reduction in enclosed offices, the open layout provides flexibility to meet future and unknown space needs. The transfer of area away from private offices also allowed for additional space to be dedicated to break rooms, locker areas and other amenity spaces for the staff to enjoy.