VCBO completes many parking structures in association with our projects, along with stand-alone projects like the University of Utah Business Loop parking structure pictured above. From this game-changing rooftop field to a vehicle vending machine, we approach parking structure design with the same zealousness and ingenuity as the buildings they accompany. No part of the design is overlooked and user experience is heavily considered when designing these structures.

Our notable structures include:

CHG Healthcare
Intermountain Healthcare Salt Lake Clinic
Meridian Portico
Old Mill Corporate Campus Phase III & IV Parking Structures
Paperbox Lofts with CityLift Parking Structure
PRI Block 74 – Social Hall Avenue
Select Health Phase I & II Parking Structures

South Towne Expo Center Structure Design (unbuilt)
University of Utah Business Loop, Parking & Practice Field
University of Utah Health Sciences Campus
University of Utah LDS Institute Parking Structure
Utah State Capitol Subterrainian Parking Structure
Westminster College Parking Structure / Elevated Playfield