Gillmor Hall

Westminster College   Salt Lake City, UT

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Derek Payne, AIA


In Progress 


Gillmor Hall is an addition to the Jewett Center for the Performing Arts located on Westminster College campus. The addition will take advantage of the green space located between the Jewett Center and Payne Gymnasium. The focus of this addition is to provide the ability for the music, dance, and theatre departments to expand and new opportunities for the students. This includes a new recital hall, dance performance studios, music practice rooms, theatre rehearsal space and all the support spaces needed. 

This project will also include an expansion of their existing shop and adding a new costume shop. The shops addition will be located where the existing receiving area is on the west side of the Jewett Center. On the second level the costume shop will be accessed through an existing office and will require a small remodel of the existing building.