dōTERRA Call Center

dōTERRA International   Lindon, UT

project size

200,842 sf

project contact

Niels Valentiner, AIA


In Progress 


A new Call Center building for dōTERRA will be located in Lindon, Utah and will provide needed capability for the future growth of the Call Center. The building is three floors designed to house 2,300 employees. Aside from the training rooms, team rooms, coaching rooms and office space for the call center representatives, it also has a 200-seat multipurpose room and large commercial kitchen. There is a four-counter serving kitchen with a large variety of menu options, breakroom spaces, lounge areas and study spaces, accompanied by a fitness room and recreational options such as Xbox and basketball courts to ensure employees have access to a wide range of wellness opportunities. 


The building also features a large open lobby space and grand staircase which connects all three levels together. The design is a simple, long rectangular building featuring aluminum composite panels and high efficiency glazing. The center of the building will feature a three-story auditorium with a custom art glass installation of over 700 pieces of glass hanging from the ceiling above. While the building supports a wide variety of functions, the materials and design of the building are simple and elegant, focusing on master craftsmanship and impeccable quality.