West Point Jr. High School

Davis School District

West Point, Utah


Learning opportunities were built throughout the design of West Point Middle School. Welcome messages in over 80 languages are etched on the glass curtain wall at the building entrance. The curved bridge that connects the upper level wings bears the Fibonacci series, prime numbers, and more. The four classical elements, earth, wind, water and fire provide identities and color schemes for the learning centers. Off-the-grid windmill power can be used to operate tools; the building’s electrical meter readout in the tech lab illustrates the amount of electricity the building uses daily. Outside, in the courtyard, students are exposed to the three types of rocks and the three types of angles. They also have the opportunity to study native plant life. A time line of the fossil record flows along a 500 foot sidewalk between the play fields and the school building. These exciting innovations resulted in the school being honored with the prestigious James D. MacConnell Award from the Council of Educational Facility Planners International (CEFPI), for superior school planning and design.





project size

 148,600 sf


principal in charge

Jeanne Jackson






2004 James D. MacConnell Award | Council of Educational Facility Planners International


2004 Middle School Citation | American School & University Architectural Portfolio





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