Salt Lake City, Utah


This building addition to the existing Henry B. Eyring Chemistry facility at the University of Utah provides critical laboratories that facilitate advanced chemistry research and instruction for aspiring science professionals.  The building also includes a unique lecture hall, student collaboration space, faculty offices and specialty spaces that support the numerous laboratories.


The design of this building was complicated by its campus location and its proximity to the existing chemistry building.  The Thatcher footprint had to be very thin so as to maintain an important campus pedestrian mall that includes a complex network of underground utilities.  The new facility also was required to be fire separated but completely accessible to and from the adjacent Eyring Chemistry building.  It also was required to provide new emergency exiting for the Eyring.  The Thatcher addition has become easily recognizable (and somewhat notable) on campus because of the large scale periodic table that is etched onto the four story glass entryway.  The view of Salt Lake City downtown that is commanded from the fifth story classroom has made the building a favorite for science seminars and lectures.


The project achieved LEED Silver certification, and was further complicated by the need to meet the stringent requirements of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA 2009) and guidelines of the National Institute of Health (NIH).





project size

40,900 sf


project contact

Derek Payne







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