Nibley Park Elementary School

Salt Lake City School District

Salt Lake City, Utah


Nibley Park Elementary School, planned and designed as a visual symbol of learning for the community, utilizing giant polygons--the circle, square, and triangle--welcomes and engages students and families from diverse economic backgrounds. Colors from the spectrum enhance both the actual and the symbolic aspects of the educational process. Learning centers are comprised of a cluster of classrooms surrounding a center activity space.  The activity space can be used for individualized study, small projects, or groups from several classrooms.  Plus, teachers can observe students in the activity area from their classroom.


These multi-use flex spaces are also used for advanced social studies, day art projects, and group lectures. The building fosters community use after school hours by exploiting an easily accessible Media Center, Multi-purpose room and Office area, and four wings of Classrooms/Activity Centers that can be closed or open as required.





project size

68,000 sf


project contact

Jeanne Jackson



Summer 2003







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