Melissa Wood

Director of Operations



Melissa is a vibrant and effective leader. Since joining VCBO Architecture in 2011 as Director of Operations, Melissa has cultivated an exceptional office environment through fostering incentives in support of teamwork and best practices. Leveraging more than 27 years of operational experience in both the A / E and legal industries, Melissa expertly provides forecasting, workforce planning and firm optimization. Because Melissa is responsible for a wide array of operational and strategic measures, she is relied on heavily for overseeing all matters pertaining to budget allocation and team management as well as contract negotiation and maintenance. As a result, the entire staff—from office runners to principals alike—looks to Melissa for guidance and support on a continual basis. Currently, Melissa serves as a member of the VCBO Architecture Executive Board as an active participant in making important decisions throughout the firm.





Interests:  gardening, fishing, camping, running and bootcamp workouts




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