DSD Jr. High #17

Davis School District

Layton, Utah


The Davis School District Junior High prototype provides a state-of-the-art design that buffers middle school students, at the “turning point” of their lives, from the stress and fragmentation associated with the typical large junior high school experience. The key concept of the design is the organization of academic classrooms into grade-level specific, double-lobed academic learning suites, each connected to a lively central collaboration space. These academic “houses” provide flexible, open and highly visible environments for group collaboration, which fosters critical student-to-student and student-to-teacher

relationships. Classrooms, conference rooms, faculty planning offices, student and faculty toilet rooms, and grade-specific lockers make up a “house,” promoting a cohesive environment in which students may grow and thrive.






project size

210,000 sf


principal in charge

Jeanne Jackson



Anticipated 2019

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