Haiying Feng




Haiying is a native of Bejing, China, and attended the esteemed school of architecture, Tsinghua University.  Following her time there, she was awarded a full ride academic scholarship to the University of Mexico (UNAM) in Mexico City, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture and a Master of Architecture with honors.  Computer aided design has always been a fascinating concept to her.  As one of the pioneering architects who introduced AutoCAD to Mexico, Haiying spent a significant amount of time teaching AutoCAD in colleges and private companies prior to her immigration to the United States. She is proficient in Spanish and Chinese (Mandarin) and has a thorough understanding of the metric drafting system and imperial drafting systems for architectural design. Her technical capabilities include, but are not limited to, Revit and AutoCAD.  She is persistently in search of the most efficient ways to produce architectural drawings.




Interests:  travel, culture, folklore, Olympics




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