Robert M. & Joyce S. Graham Science Center
Snow College

Ephriam, Utah


This 56,600 square foot, three story, building on the Snow College (Ephraim) campus is a billboard for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and houses the College's Division of Science and Mathematics. The spaces in this building include teaching laboratories, research laboratories, classrooms, faculty offices, student study areas and a planetarium.


The building’s design seeks to generate a similar scale and massing of the school’s historic core buildings.   Dividing the building into two smaller structures (a laboratory wing and a classroom / office wing) allows for the formation of a courtyard between that will host STEM learning events. The two wings are linked by a curved, sweeping, transparent glass structure.  This metaphorical bridge provides three levels of student study space.   The bridge, immersed in daylight overlooks the science courtyard to the east and the San Pitch Mountains to the west.


The design strives to create visibility into all of the laboratories and classrooms so that the science and math being taught in the building are perpetually on display.  A recurring theme of the building is H²0 in all of its forms (solid, liquid and gas).  Each floor of the building is differentiated by large-scale graphics, with ice on the main level, water on the second level and clouds on the third level.







project size

56,600 sf


principal in charge

Derek Payne








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