Frontier Middle School

Alpine School District

Eagle Mountain, Utah


Frontier Middle School, located in the young fast growing community of Eagle Valley, reflects the latest in educational design. The floor plan is divided by a main central corridor. This “Main Street” divides the plan into five smaller learning environments or ‘houses” which are key to the project. Three of the houses contain core classes. The fourth house includes Family and Consumer Science and Business Technology curriculum programs. The fifth house incorporates Technology and Visual Arts in a collaborative setting. This school within a school concept will help to divide the 1,500 student population into smaller, more intimate learning families. Each house consists of classrooms surrounding by and visually connected to two lively central collaboration space. These “houses” each provide a highly flexible and visible environment for group collaboration,fostering student-to-student and student-to-teacher relationships.






project size

179,000 sf


principal in charge

Vern Latham



Summer 2013





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