Farmington High School

Davis School District

Farmington, Utah


Farmington High School is a unique and innovative comprehensive high school as a result of a hands-on collaborative planning process involving Davis School District administrators, staff, faculty, students and VCBO Architecture. Utilizing a series of interactive meetings with the stakeholders, key design ideas including different size classrooms, flexible learning spaces, and learning suites with teacher offices were developed.  In conjunction with this input, VCBO Architecture conducted a detailed study of class sizes of four DSD high schools which provided integral data that acted as a driver in the change of the high school design model that the District had been using. The design of the new high school uses fact based research for class size, accommodates project- and problem-based learning, and continues the model of collaborative learning that Davis School District has been a leader in propagating for the past 20 years.



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project size

405,000 sf


principal in charge

Jeanne Jackson



Summer 2018









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