Elizabeth Academy

Salt Lake City, Utah


Elizabeth Academy is a program designed to help diverse learners reach their highest potential. Each child is unique in his or her interests, abilities and needs. Honoring that individuality opens unlimited possibilities. Using the internationally acclaimed Montessori method of education, young people from 2 to 12 years of age develop the skills to be successful in life. Initiative, concentration, critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, respect, responsibility, empathy and the desire to give back through service . These are the core principles of this private charter school. The students are encouraged to ask questions, learn how to find answers and process information for real understanding through project-based learning. Students learn how to learn in a Montessori environment, shaping the way they master new skills and solve problems for the rest of their lives.





project size

51,674 sf


principal in charge

Jeanne Jackson



Spring 2017



2014  Citation of Excellence | Learning by Design




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