Centennial Jr. High

Davis School District

Kaysville, Utah


Centennial Junior High was named to commemorate the centennial anniversary of the Davis School District. The naming of the school in celebration of this milestone is not a mere token - the theme for the school is 100 years of science and technology, representing the District's connection to history as well as their progressive view toward the future.


Centennial's academic classrooms are organized into grade-level specific, double-lobed academic learning centers, or "houses," each surrounding and connected to a lively central collaboration space. In keeping with the theme, each house is named after a decade from the District's past, providing a sense of personal identification and pride for the students who learn in the various houses, serves as a wayfinding device and also provides a wonderful learning opportunity.






project size

170,875 sf


principal in charge

Jeanne Jackson



Summer 2011



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