Butler Elementary School

Canyons School District

Cottonwood Heights, Utah


Butler Elementary is a new school built on site to replace the old Butler Elementary. The design ties closely to the community playing off of the theme of Cottonwood Heights, "The City Between the Canyons." Butler Elementary is designed around the theme of canyons and mountains. The exterior is sliced into distinct vertical elements to evoke the sense of canyons being created, while still maintaining  a strong horizontal stratification that ties the overall mass together.


Classrooms are divided into 6 "houses," each themed around different canyons in the United States. Within each house, classrooms surround a central collaboration space, which features "kitchen tables" for extended learning.





project size

89,000 sf


principal in charge

Jeanne Jackson



Summer 2016



2017  Honorable Mention | Learning by Design


2017 Selected for Publication | American School & University - Architectural Portfolio

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